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Medical malpractice experts may be liable for unreliable reports

A common and unfortunate result in many medical malpractice suits is that they often end in dueling testimony and expert witness reports from the plaintiff and defense. The judge and jury are forced to rely on two "experts" who draw vastly different conclusions from the same situation. These "dueling" reports and testimonies confuse judges and juries. If the experts cannot agree on who is at fault, how can the jury expert draw a reasonable conclusion?

Women's injuries during delivery often go undiagnosed

A series of recent studies found that women often suffer serious injuries after giving birth and rarely receive the medical attention they require. Giving birth to a child is a wondrous experience, but it is also incredibly brutal and hard on women's bodies. Unfortunately, many women's injuries go undiagnosed, sometimes for years, after giving birth.

A study published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that 24 percent of women experienced pain during sex even after over a year had passed since birth. Another study found that 49 percent of women experienced urinary incontinence and a further 77 percent dealt with persistent back pain. Finally, consider that these injuries are not limited to vaginal births, a 2014 study found similar degrees of pelvic injuries between vaginal and cesarean deliveries.

Do you need to know more about birth injury cases?

A birth injury is an injury suffered by your child during the delivery process. There are a few specific injuries that are common to the birthing process and can result in long-term medical issues like cerebral palsy. This post will go over the basics of a birth injury case and how a lawyer can help you.

Can a birth injury lawyer help you?

Birth injuries are a very focused area of law that requires a level of experience and knowledge not often present even in seasoned medical malpractice attorneys. Birth injury cases present a whole host of problems that most attorneys never have to confront. A lawyer that focuses his practice on investigating and prosecuting birth injuries can help you get the answers you deserve and the compensation you need to care for your child.

Researchers find that Zika may damage adult brain cells

Whenever the Zika virus is mentioned, people associate it with birth defects and brain abnormalities in developing fetuses. It spread like wildfire across Brazil and South America. A few months ago Zika jumped into the Caribbean and just recently into mainland United States. To date, there is no significant funding or resources allocated to develop a cure. But that hasn't stopped independent researchers, like at Rockefeller University, from investigating the virus.

Three questions you should ask after a surgical error

Surgery errors may sound like an obvious issue, like a forgotten sponge or wrong-site procedure, but not all of them are that obvious. Doctors can commit errors regarding proper technique, method or even using the wrong tool. This post will discuss three questions you may ask after a surgical error.

How do you know if your child suffered a birth injury?

It is a terrible thing to discover that your child has suffered an injury. It is even more devastating when that injury was inflicted when your child was born. These injuries are difficult to diagnose because your child is not yet able to communicate the extent and nature of his or her injuries. Instead, you must rely on the expertise of doctors and instinct.

Commonly misused surgical tools

Doctors are not perfect, which is why there is a team to support and double check them. Multiple nurses and physicians regularly check each others' notes and work to ensure that mistakes are kept to a minimum. While these safety checks are great at catching improper medications and doses, they cannot prevent errors that occur in the surgical room. Unfortunately, doctors are the last line of defense when it comes to correctly using surgical tools.

Tort reform: the solution for high healthcare costs?

Many politicians from both sides of the aisle argue that tort reform is one of the key pillars to control healthcare costs. They claim that physicians practice "defensive medicine" to protect themselves from potential medical malpractice suits. Defensive medicine occurs when doctors run additional (or extraneous) tests to stave off potential medical malpractice. Proponents of reform argue that this dramatically raises health care costs.

Do you need to know more about birth injury claims?

Birth injuries are a devastating blow for any family. The birth of your child should be a joyous day; a day that comes only once or twice in a lifetime. But instead, it is marred because your child is injured. Birth injuries, unfortunately, can be very severe and can require hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat. Plus, there could be costs associated with a lifetime of care. Here is a brief rundown of the issues involved in birth injury cases.

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